The accelerometer will identify when you shake someone’s hand and transmit a sensation that reflects your state of mind to that persons wrist you are greeting. I.e. Fast vibration if the other person is anxious/stressed. Warm temperature if the person is angry, cold if sad. The human emotional gap is reduced by empathising instantly with another person through a sensation in the wrist. The wristband has 8 components, including its wiring, flash memory and rubber body.
1 Pulse measurement to monitor anxiety. 2 Thermometer to monitor anger. 3 NFC chip to connect with other wrist to send and receive information from wristband to wristband, transmitting emotional state. 4 Accelerometer to identify handshaking movement. 5 Circuitboard to identify body measurements and affiliate them to a specific mood. 6 Heat element to translate received information of angry mood into a warm sensation, or a sad mood into a cold sensation. 7 Rechargeable lithium battery. 8 haptic engine to translate information received from other wrist corresponding to anxiety or frustration into shaking to vibrate the wrist of the wearer.